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Service Desk Group’s Supplier Integrity Principals

Strong relationships with our suppliers is a key to The Service Desk Group’s continued success.

Our Supplier Integrity Principles outline the behaviors our suppliers should follow when doing business on behalf of and with The Service Desk Group. In addition to these Principles, suppliers should obey all applicable laws and regulations.

The Service Desk Group’s values serve as the foundation for all of our business dealings and we expect our suppliers to share our views on the importance of ethical conduct. More information about our values and beliefs on ethical practices is available in our Global Code of Conduct. By following these Principles and the law, we continue to build on our mutually beneficial partnerships and achievements. Applicability Our Principles apply to all suppliers, vendors, contractors, agents, intermediaries and other similar parties that supply goods or services to The Service Desk Group around the world. We expect our suppliers to embrace these Principles and communicate the expectations outlined in these Principles to their own suppliers and business partners.

We reserve the right to only do business with suppliers who in our judgement adhere to these principles. Reporting Information If there is ever any doubt about the right course of action to comply with these Principles, please ask before acting. Suppliers can discuss their questions or concerns with their main point of contact at The Service Desk Group, contact The Service Desk Group’s Ethics and Compliance team via email to . Anyone that makes a report in good faith will be protected from acts of retaliation. The Service Desk Group takes all reports seriously.

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
The Service Desk Group complies with all applicable laws related to anti-bribery and anti-corruption and expects our suppliers to do the same. Some of these laws include the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the United Kingdom Bribery Act (UKBA). These laws apply to dealings with the government, private individuals, and other companies. We compete vigorously, fairly and always within the limits of the law. This means that we do not offer or accept anything of value for an unfair business advantage.

Particular care should be taken when dealing with government officials, as there are special rules and regulations to consider. Government officials can be, but are not limited to: ·

Elected or appointed politicians. ·
Candidates for political office. ·
Employees at state-owned entities such as universities, hospitals, or utility companies. ·
Employees at national, state, or local government agencies. ·
Family members or close friends of government officials.

Bribes can include facilitation or “grease” payments that are smaller payments made to speed up an otherwise routine government task. Facilitation payments are illegal under certain anti-bribery laws and should not be paid. If you witness or suspect corrupt actions in any way related to The Service Desk Group’s business, please speak to your main point of contact within The Service Desk Group, contact The Service Desk Group’s Ethics and Compliance team via email at

Conflicts of Interest
A conflict of interest occurs when a person’s own interests unnecessarily interfere with their ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of their company. Both actual and perceived conflicts can be problematic and should be disclosed and avoided.

When you learn about a potential conflict of interest related to The Service Desk Group or one of our employees, it should be disclosed so it can be handled appropriately. Suppliers should only accept and provide gifts, travel, and entertainment that are reasonable, not lavish and do not violate The Service Desk Group policies or the law. You should not accept or provide any gifts, travel, or entertainment that would inappropriately influence business decisions or provide an unfair business advantage. Avoid giving or accepting cash or cash equivalents, such as gift cards. If you are not sure if something would be a violation of the Principles, please ask before acting.

Human Rights and Workplace Safety
Suppliers are expected to support human rights and workplace safety. Suppliers should treat their employees fairly and prohibit inhumane or unlawful working conditions. Human trafficking and child labor are not tolerated. Take precautions to ensure that workplaces are safe, sanitary, and free from any unnecessarily dangerous conditions. The Service Desk Group expects our suppliers’ workforce to be free from any human rights violations and to comply with all relevant laws.

Employment laws should be followed by all suppliers including those related to: ·
Fair wage and hours.
Minimum wage.
Maximum hour and overtime rules.

Suppliers should not use forced, bonded, or involuntary labor and should respect employees’ decisions regarding unions, collective bargaining, and other workers’ associations.

Suppliers should be committed to complying with the disclosure, due diligence, and other applicable requirements of the U.S. Conflicts Mineral Law.

The Service Desk Group supports fair, safe, and respectful working conditions in its supply chain. If a supplier becomes aware of any breach of these Principles or human rights violations, they should alert their main point of contact within The Service Desk Group, contact The Service Desk Group’s Ethics and Compliance team via email at .

Harassment and Discrimination
We believe in workplaces that are free from discrimination and harassment. Discrimination based on race, religion, color, national origin, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or any other factor protected by law should be avoided. Suppliers should foster a diverse work environment that is free from harassment or discrimination. All forms of harassment including bullying and sexual harassment are unlawful, against policies, and can lead to unproductive and harmful workplaces.

Respecting the Environment and Communities
We respect the communities and natural environments where we operate. Suppliers should recognize that a healthy and sustainable environment is critical to our society, economy, business, and people. We strive to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We believe that our business should be conducted in a manner that embraces sustainability, recycling, and the use of renewable resources.
Laws and applicable policies relating to protecting the natural environment, sustainability, pollution, and corporate responsibility should be followed.

Protection of Information
The decisions of The Service Desk Group and suppliers need to be based on truthful, accurate, and timely information and records. All information involving transactions, revenue, expenses, marketing funds, rebates, and other activities should be properly recorded and should not be false or fraudulent. All accounting records need to reflect their true nature and not mask any activity that is against applicable policies or the law. Confidentiality and the privacy of information are essential to the success of The Service Desk Group. We expect our suppliers to protect all confidential information that is provided to them by The Service Desk Group. Any personal, private, or sensitive information about employees or customers’ needs to be protected in accordance with applicable laws

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